Explaining Prorated Charges & Credits

Depending on when you make a programming change, prorated charges and/or credits may be added to your bill, which may make it higher or lower than normal. Ch...

How to Prorate Rent | Real Estate Exam Prep Videos

Every real estate exam taker must know how to prorate taxes, prorate rents, and prorate interest. This real estate exam prep video will show you how to prora...

How To Handle Late Move In & Pro Rated Rent

#LibbyQ&A What do you do if your tenants move in after their lease starts and pay a pro rated rent? Always enforce the lease, your legal document! Arrangemen...

ProRate Pro - Landlord pro-rated rent calculator

Open source VC6 program to calculate pro-rated rent, source code is opensource. http://www.CeBeans.com/ProRatePro.zip (4Mb)

Prorating Rent

Offering courses and designations in every level of the real estate industry, IFREC takes each student from beginner to entrepreneur in a profession where on...

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