Land Investing

Land Investing

This Smartlist is about investing in land, whether it's improved or vacant, raw parcels. Have land you want to sell our flip?

The Benefits of Investing in Land - NuWireInvestor

Vacant land offers an investment opportunity that is often overlooked by many investors. There are many advantages to land investing that can make it an excellent investment vehicle …

Investing in Land - Can I Retire Yet?

Experts rarely advise investing in land. It doesn't produce income and costs you in taxes. But it can still be a valuable diversification.

Is Buying Land a Good Investment?

Land may be a good investment for home building companies and long-term corporate land investors. But for small investors, it’s a high-risk gamble with little chance of earning a fair rate of return.

Here's Why You Should Be Raw Land Investing | FortuneBuilders

Raw land investing represents a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio and boost monthly cash flow. Get started by reviewing our blueprint.

How to Invest in Land

Investing in vacant land can be a great opportunity for real estate investors. Learn how to invest in land and why you might want to here.

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