Mobile Home Investing Books

Mobile Home Investing Books

Books to help you get started and grow your mobile home park investing business.

Making Money Through Mobile Home Investing: Essential Answers to Questions About the Little-Known, Lucrative Business of Mobile Home Investing!

Within every real estate market, there are entire communities of mobile homes. Thousands of people live within these mobile home communities but very few people know the investors who own them. Why do investors own and invest in mobile homes? Niche investors own mobile homes and mobile home commu...

The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair and Upgrade

Books on repairing manufactured homes are nearly impossible to find. If one is found, it's either outdated or lacking real information. This manual has changed all that. Designed for homeowners as well as contractors, The manual for manufactured/mobile home repair and upgrade is packed full of ...

The New Investor's Guide to Owning a Mobile Home Park: Why Mobile Home Park Ownership Is the Best Investment in This Economy and Step by Step Instructions How to Acquire and Manage a Profitable Park

Multi-park owner and manager of her own mobile home parks Laura Cochran believes that owning a mobile home park is the best investment - and attainable for anyone who wants to add a mobile home park investment to his or her portfolio. Purchasing a mobile home park is in my opinion, and based on ...

Investing In Mobile Homes With Land: Revised For 2014

Mobile home with land investing is the red-headed stepchild of real estate investing where many investors know very little nor have any desire to invest in this odd asset class.However, for the savvy investor, he can take advantage of this lower competition from other investors and strong demand ...

Making Money with Mobile Homes

Learn how to make unbelievable profits and high yields in the used mobile home business. Written from the actual experiences of Lonnie Scruggs, author of the best selling book Deals on Wheels.

Mobile Home Wealth: How to Make Money Buying, Selling and Renting Mobile Homes

For years, mobile homes have been the butt of jokes—and definitely under the radar of most real estate investors. Yet for a small but growing group of savvy investors, they have become a tremendous asset. Written by one of the top professionals in the business, Mobile Home Wealth is an eas...

Adventures in Mobile Homes: How I Got Started in Mobile Home Investing and How You Can Too!

Mobile home investing—are you interested in getting started? Let's face it. There are countless books and courses on real estate investing. The majority of these materials focus on teaching you the mechanics of their particular niche and why that niche would benefit you. But how exactly do you ge...

Deals on Wheels: How to Buy, Sell & finance Used Mobile Homes for Big Profits and Cash Flow Revised in 2013 (Lonnie's Ultimate Mobile Home Bootcamp)

NEW Revised in 2013! Investors, if you're tired of being a landlord but still want a good monthly cash flow, or if you're a real estate note investor who can't find any good-yielding paper, or if you just want to make MORE MONEY, you need to read this book about mobile home investing. Lonnie Scru...

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