How to find out who owns a property

How to find out who owns a property

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How Does Skip Tracing Work?

The owner of the property will usually be listed on public records as the “registered agent” for the property. The registered agent is responsible for paying taxes on the property and keeping track of who owns the property.

What is skip tracing in real estate investing?

Skip Tracing is the process of finding out who owns a property. It’s important to know this information before you buy any investment property, because it can help you avoid foreclosure and other costly problems down the road.

How to Use Skip Tracing to Unearth Awesome Real Estate Deals

As a real estate investor, you know too well that some of the best deals can be unearthed from vacant or distressed properties. Problem is, sometimes finding the owners of these properties can be like digging up buried treasure without a map—and this is where skip tracing comes in.

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Finding Off Market Real Estate Deals - How to Skip Trace

On this video I’m going to cover finding off market real estate deals - how to skip trace. Skip Tracing Service:

Why do real estate investors use skip tracing?

Real estate investors use skip tracing to find owners of properties they are considering buying. They want to make sure that the person or company selling them the property actually has legal ownership of the property. This is called due diligence.

TOP Skip Trace Resources (Updated)

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